story of deelicious

our story

deelicious is a swedish brand created by the busy bee Maria Dee from the Dalecarlian woods. It all started on the road around the world! As a pro snowboarder she travelled a lot and had mountains and snow as her working field. It was hours of travelling, different countries to discover and lots of nature to experience. Maria had always been inspired by creativity and art; by colours, by old torn doors, handicraft and architecture; by meeting older people and seeing youngsters. To knit was a way of relax from the focus on the sport and a way of beeing able to create . After a while the knitted creations became coveted by others in the winter world. When the snowboard career ended after an injury it was time to turn a corner and start writing on a new chapter.

A chapter to build deelicious for the people.

How would she go about this?
How to produce unique knitwear in her home surroundings, Sweden?
The answer came throu a chat with a good friend: Retired people. They have the time and they have the experience!

And this is only the beginning of our story.

deelicious works with happy retired ladies with experience and with a passion for knitting and handicraft. We live around the corner to you so the creations are environmetally-friendly made. The intention is to make handmade products that are truly unique. We make creations for you to enjoy while you wear them, and to match your lifestyle overall!

It’s simple, it’s made with love & joy
– and it’s made for you!


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