we do not do sale because…

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at this time a year, in January we don’t sell much at all at deelicious webshop. why is that? look around you. in all the stores you will see the signs: Sale! big time sale, the products are around 50-70% on sale. we cannot do that. our products has the same product costs if we make them in june or in september and the same when we sell them. we make products that has no time limit in fashion. we want our creations to have the same value all year around and that they can be worn for many years to come. we live in a society where we shop till we drop.

we better stop with that. look around you, mother nature is calling. its time to start think about if you need the gear you shop!

let us all be a part of the world who wants to survive and breath fresh air with love!

best regards for now from the deelicious army! 😉

take care of the world



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