yes to creativity during summer!

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Im laying in a hammock, listening to interesting podcasts and knitting – Life is what you make out of it!  Lots of people says that knitting are for old people and cold days when you sit inside and have nothing else to do. I say that it might be so, BUT I get very creative and get so much inspiration from the summer athmosphere and and the natures that comes with it. I love to knit during the warm summerdays. (but yes, dont bring yarn to the beach if you want to avoid sand in it) Right now the deelicious army are working on creations for the upcoming autumn. Im right here and right now, knitting on a big scarf that might be a gift to myself when the autumn winds starts blowing my sunkissed skin in a while. – enjoy summer and dont forget to open your eyes – the natures has things to show us during this colorful time of the year. big summerhug from maria

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